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PHOTO GALLERY - Tooth Restoration
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Before & After Photos
Patient 1 - Old Bridge Restoration
Before shot - Old bridgeNew bridge preparationAfter shot - new bridge
               Old Bridge                              New Bridge Prep                               New Bridge
Commentary:  Patient 1
This set of photos illustrates how a crown is prepared and then a missing tooth is "bridged" with a false tooth thus restoring the tooth.  Learn more about CEREC one-visit crowns.
Patient 2 - Broken Tooth Restoration
Before - Broken ToothCrown preparationAfter - Restored Tooth
                  Before                                     Preparation                                 Restored Tooth
Commentary:  Patient 2

In this example a broken tooth requires a crown. The "after" picture shows the final crown in place. The tooth with its crown is a solid tooth that looks good.  Learn more about CEREC one-visit crowns.

Patient 3 - Young Patient Restoration after Car Accident
Before - Broken TeethDuring tooth restoration - allowing for growth of the child.After 6 months
              Broken Teeth                             Immediately After                             After 6 Months
Commentary:  Patient 3
This final series of pictures show how this young patient, who was involved in a car accident, was able to be treated and was returned to a healthy status. The tricky part of this case was to account for the natural growth of the patient. The child grew into his repaired teeth perfectly.
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