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PHOTO GALLERY - Results of Poor Dental Hygiene
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Before & After Photos
Patient 1 - Result of Poor Hygiene and Not Seeing Dentist
Result of poor hygiene and not seeing your dentist!After intense cleaning from Dr. Michael Tall.
                                               Before                                                After
Patient 2 - Calculus Build-up (Bone Loss and Gum Damage)
Calculus build-up before cleaning.White filling after cometic dentistry
                                        Before                                                After
Patient 3 - Calculus Build-up (Bone Loss and Gum Damage)
Calculus build-up caused by not brushing.After cleaning, bone loss and gum damage is apparent.
                                        Before                                                After
Calculus build-up is a result of not brushing your teeth.  The result is actual loss of the tooth and gum damage.
Broken silver filling before cosmetic dentistryWhite filling after cometic dentistry Another example of poor brushing habit.
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