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The Rota-dent toothbrush
When comparing the Rota-dent with traditional toothbrushes, you can easily see that traditional designs make it difficult to reach behind the teeth and are limited in ability to reach between the teeth.

The Rota-dent has been clinically proven to reduce harmful bacteria where typical tooth brushes canít reach. These critical areas are where many bacteria live and cause gum disease.
The Rota-dent Reach

The Rota-dent toothbrush reaches between teeth.Rota-dent reaches in gaps.
The Flat Toothbrush Reach
Gaps difficulties from flat toothbrushes.
The Traditional Rotation Toothbrush Reach
Rotation toothbrush with gaps showing
Sonicare Toothbrush Reach
Sonicare toothbrush also leaves gaps uncleaned.
More Rota-dent Reach Examples
The unique design of the Rota-dent system allows you to reach between teeth, implants, crowns, bridges and under braces!
Rota-dent electric toothbrush reach example 1.Rota-dent toothbrush with braces.
Rota-dent toothbrush with bridge.Rotadent toothbrush with implants.
True rotary action and patented microfilament technology are the reasons we recommend the Rota-dent. These two features of this toothbrush make it more effective in plaque removal and fighting gum disease. 
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