East Idaho Aquarium - Sponsor

East Idaho Aquarium - Sponsor Dr. Michael tallMichael Tall Family and Cosmetic Dentistry is a proud sponsor of the new East Idaho Aquarium.  Dr. Mike and his wife, Jennifer, grew up near the ocean and they both have always loved aquatic animals and aquatic life in all of its forms.  This is one of the reasons Dr. Mike is excited to sponsor the East Idaho Aquarium as it reminds them of the ocean and fond childhood memories. 

Another reason Dr. Michael Tall is honored to sponsor the new aquarium is to support the community with a wholesome activity for families.  He wants to do what he can to provide a family centered activity where children, with their parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, can frequently visit throughout the year.  In East Idaho, warm activities in the winter are few but this one is bound to be a hit in the winter and throughout the year. 

Nature’s Comparison

Dr. Mike is very well aware that nature has unique similarities.  The aquarium staff will be working diligently to keep the fish tanks in working order to sustain the life it has on display.   This parallels the diligent work it takes for each of you to maintain your oral health.

Michael Tall Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has sponsored three tanks that reflect nature’s course:
•    Touchable Jellyfish
•    Predator Fish
•    Coral Reef

Touchable Jellyfish

The touchable jellyfish tank is an interactive exhibit where participants can actually touch the jellyfish without being stung.  This type of jellyfish is very fragile and delicate.   The aquarium workers will be vigilant to change the filters and make sure participants are gentle when they handle the jellyfish. 

Dr. Mike relates the jellyfish to the delicate nature of your teeth and gums.  It takes daily diligence and constant care with brushing and flossing to take care of your teeth and gums.  The jellyfish tank is another reminder how important it is to brush and floss daily.

Predator Fish

This exciting fish tank will display common aquatic predators that pose danger to other fish.  Predators like the lion fish, moray eel, and trigger fish aggressively attack other aquatic animals.  The predatory nature provides them with food they thrive on but is detrimental, to say the least, to its prey.

Dr. Mike relates this exhibit to the predators that cause tooth decay and gum disease.  Oral health predators like bacteria and plaque aggressively attack your teeth and gums.  Only through diligent daily care and consistent visits to Dr. Mike for a professional cleaning and checkup will thwart off the predators in your mouth. 

Coral Reef

The Coral Reef tank will be one of the most magnificent tanks in the aquarium.  For coral to live and thrive, the conditions in the tank need to be perfect.  When the conditions are all in balance, the coral is one of the most spectacular and beautiful living organisms in the ocean.

Dr. Mike relates this tank to the perfect and pristine conditions in which he would like your teeth to become.  If your teeth are discolored, teeth whitening can provide a pearly luster.  If you have teeth that are worn, cracked or chipped, a CEREC crown can provide strengthen and support in just one visit.  If your gums are bleeding or diseased, Dr. Mike can provide solutions to bring them back to a healthy state.  Dr. Mike would like your mouth to exist in as perfect and pristine conditions as the coral reef.

Enjoy the Aquarium

Dr. Mike, his wife Jennifer, and all of the staff at Michael Tall Family and Cosmetic Dentistry hope you enjoy the aquarium and that you will stop by and see the touchable jellyfish, predator and coral reef tanks!  Dr. Mike feels privileged to sponsor the East Idaho Aquarium and always remember that he wants your teeth to look good, feel great and last a long time!

Free Tickets 

While supplies last, Dr. Mike is giving away free tickets. Click here to find out more.